Company aquistions H1B

I work on H1B for a company A ( a child company of a Big group X). 6 mon later my company A is acquired by another company B. When i asked the attorney about H1b transfer I was responded that a H1B transfer is not required as the company following DOL procedure.
In Few weeks company B is going to be acquired by another company C.
Yesterday the attorney called me and said the company B wants to do H1 transfer. He didnt give a proper reason and said he got instructions from the company B.

I am confused is there any particular reason for company B to spend so much money for H1B now?
Do my petition to be transferred to company B when there is acquisition by company C. ?

I am fed up with this acquisitions and started searching for new job.
If i find a new job can i use my petition from company A for H1 transfer to new company?
Will there be any issue with H1B transfer to new job? Please advice.

If the acquisition is a successor-in-interest (SII) acquisition where the purchasing company acquires the assets and liabilities of the acquired company (including immigration liabilities), employer is not required to submit H1B amendment petitions to the USCIS for existing H1B employees, even if there is a change in federal employer identification number as a result of the acquisition.

There could be other factors why your employer is wanting to amend H1B now. Better to consult with your employer’s immigration lawyer.

Yes, new employer may initiate change of employer petition (aka transfer) while your current I-94 is valid.