Company A H1 Expired, Company B Transfer, I-94 Expired - Company C?

Hi! I had a question for the immigration experts in this forum. For Example, (this is where I ask help for “a friend of mine”) has i797 as well as i94 expired with Company “A” on June 30th 2020, visa transfer to company “B” initiated on June 30th 2020 in regular process and he is staying on the basis of “pending approval” status in the USA. Now on July 2nd, Company “C” is showing lot of interested in his profile and may have a ready project for him.

Is Visa transfer to Company “C” possible?

Note: 2 Weeks of Company “A” H1B is unused due to vacation

Firstly, if the I-94 has expired, I am not sure how they will be able to tranfer as they do not have proper status. Now, if you try to do the same to C, it is again complicated as there is no valid I94 and status.

You need valid I-94 to transfer, if not the approval notice will not come with I-94 and you will need to exit the country. Discuss with attorney.