Communication delayed from sponsor after H1B approval mail from USCIS

Hello, I received mail from USCIS that my H1B application was approved and relevant documents are mailed to attorney. I was subscribed to the status changes to the H1B filing reference number my employer provided and that’s how I received the notification. Its been 16 days since I received USCIS mail about approval and still no communication from employer. Could it be a genuine case of 16 days delay in approval packet to reach attorney \employer?

Did you receive the documents. Mine also is the same case . It has been 18 days since apporval but I havent received the documents . Might be due to backlog at USCIS office

You guys should talk to employer/attorney about it. If it is not received within 30 days, then they should follow-up w/ USCIS.

Hi Saurabh,

Is it the time taken to deliver the approved petition documents the same for premium and regular processing?

Yes. In case of PP, they send an email w/ details to the attorney. But the snail mail takes equal amount of time for both PP and RP unless attorney has included a self-addressed expedited shipping envelope in the original package.

Okie Saurabh