Coming to USA on employer's B2 visa and then B2 to H1B change of status

I’ve visited USA on my employer’s B1/B2 visa recently and it is valid upto Oct, 2012. Also, my H1B work permit is in process currently. My husband is already working on H1B.

* Can I come to US on my B2 visa (sponsored by my husband) and then, change the status from B2 to H1 in October ? Or, Is it safe to come to US only on H4 visa ?

* Will there any problem for H4 stamping when H1 is already in process ?

I do not know the reason behind - but I have always read in multiple forums that changing B1/B2 to H1 is not advisable. Some even commented that you cannot even change from B1/B2 to H1 as they are two different types of visa (H1 is non-immigant work permit, and B2 is tourist category).

Getting H4 is easy. So, it is advisable to get H4 and do COS (because H4 is non-immigrant dependant visa). Your US consulate will not even know about your H1 until it is approved by USCIS. Even if it knows, it is not going to affect your H4 visa at all.