Coming back on L1 after H1 approval

Hi I came to US in Jul 2013 on L1 and my L1 is valid till June 2016.I got an offer from a company who also filed my H1 and it is approved with COS. So I will be on H1 starting Oct 1, 2015 as per I797 details.However I dont have a joining till Jan, so I want to come back on L1 and have following doubts.1. If I want to come back on L1, should I go to India in Sep and come back in Oct (any date after 1st, I am planning to come back on 17th Oct)2. Will there be any issue if I come back on L1, will it impact my H1 in future or my arrival in US? 2 visa while coming to US, its confusing me.3. I have my daughter and spouse with me, will they be able to come with me in OCt on L2?4. Is it necessary to get my H1 stamping done when I am in India (Sep-Oct visit)? Can I get it done in next visit?5. I am in a position where I want to work on L1 till Dec, and then H1 from Jan. I guess that’s not possible. Is it possible if I go in Jan 2016, get my stamping and come back on H1?Thanks in advance !