College which gives CPT right from the start of the program


Can anyone help me to know a college which gives CPT right from start of the program for masters in Illinois state or around.

Its been really a long search.
Help highly appreciated.


According to USCIS rules you are only allowed to work off campus after one academic year of study(9 months) and in a field related to your area of study.

Exception exists for graduate students whose programs require immediate curricular training. But honestly I haven't come across programs that fall under such category. The International student offices in general are very strict about CPT before 9 months, hence I think its extermely unlikely for you to find a Masters programs that lets you work before 9 months. Good Luck

Thanks man. I also know the same.
I am really surprised to see that there are some colleges in Bay area(Cali) which approve of CPT right from start of the program but couldn’t find one around Chicago!!
Now how is that possible?

Ohh, thats quite surprising. Hopefully someone else can chime in with something more useful.

Yeah, it is true that some schools in Bay Area give such CPT options. But, you have to be really careful, as it could be another Tri Valley Univeristy :

i got my cpt after 6 months. It was strange. I got an offer. I thought they wanted a summer position, but they said they wanted someone in spring. I applied for CPT, and never reminded our school DSO or academic advisor that I had not completed a year. The application was online, and surprisingly I got my i20. No one realized anything. I thought sevis would have a check or i might have future consequences… I might for all u kno… but as of now, i am ok.

Good. Hope its goes like this.
Thanks for sharing your experience.
You are doing your program from which college?


Did you find any colleges that offer 40 hr cpt in chicago? I am looking for one. If you find it, please let me know.


I know they do it for business programs at Goldey-Beacom college in Deleware and at the American College of Commerce and Technology in Falls Church, VA, but that is for business programs.

Check it out though