College recommendations

I’m a mechanical engineering grad. I’m starting to apply for colleges this week. My acads are pretty horrendous which lead to me making this post.

CGPA: 5.7 (BITS if that’s relevant)
GRE: 161 Verbal, 170 Quant (At test center)
IELTS: 8 (>=7 in all)

I don’t have any relevant job experience. I’ve been ‘working’ with my father for the past year and learning CS stuff on the side in an online course.

I want to get into any CS/IT related course in the US and am feeling discouraged because of my grades. What do you suggest I do? Any college recommendations or general advice would be greatly appreciated.

PS: I don’t know if this post is appropriate here. If not, can you recommend some other forums where I can discuss this stuff?