college gives cpt/opt from 1st semester in ny/nj

Hi Saurabh,

 Can you please give me some suggestion about the colleges gives opt/cpt from starting of the course..please send me some name of colleges in ny/nj area ..currently i was on H4 visa. i have completed my bachelors in computer science from india.

there are a lot of schools in usa. some of them are goldey beacom college, sullivan university, a couple of in chicago, one in michigan, one in CA, ITU.

But the issue is regardless of CPT the USCIS assumes the students out of status from the date they join CPT. What actually happens is once u file H1B they will most probably send you an RFE asking for the client letter and the proof from the college that the CPT as an Integral part of your curriculum at the college you attend. The college is not going to write this sentence at any cost. They will make up different accuses and would provide your their own format of the letter. This format will not help you at all. In this case USCIS will approve your H1B petition but they will deny change of Status. COS Denial means that you were out of status and the CPT was not legitimate. In that case you will have to leave the country and come back after you get stamped. That will be very risky thing to do.
I am not saying not to go for CPT but I am letting you know the Consequence of getting CPT. Even If you have an OPT after you have used your CPTthe OPT will become invalidated.
There are still some options available. But you really need to know what you are up to.