Co-Op to Full time Conversion

I have a few doubts and really confused as how to proceed with it. Can you please suggest me some solutions for the below Scenario:

I am going my Co-Op and my Co-Op ends on December 2,2016. I will be graduating in December 2016 .

My Company is ready to offer me a full time position but as per the budget this position has to be filled before this year end or else the position will be closed next year and it cannot be reopened once again. I have initiated my OPT process considering January 16 as my starting date. ( I know this date may be changed based on USCIS processing time)

Can you please advise/ give some solution so I can retain this opportunity and can talk to my company based on your response.

Adding to that , if I am converted to employee can I work till December 2 , 2016 as an employee during my Co-Op period.

You cannot do anything if there is a gap between your co-op and opt. You will have to wait till you get your OPT card. One good thing is there are three more months, you should most probably receive your EAD card by Dec. Then with the EAD, you may talk to your company, stating that they can offer you the position in Dec and you may accept the offer in Dec, so technically the position is filled, but state that you can only start working from Jan 2017 with the company (similar to asking time such as moving from company to another).

Ask your international office for some advice on what can be done, they may have had many cases like yours. And my personal opinion is your options are minimal.