Clinet Letter for H1B stamping

Hi All,

I have applied for H1B last year in April 2016 .My Case got approved in Sep 2016, I have only my case number.

My employer is not sending me for Stamping. Because, he sent few people in May 2017 and they got 221g reason is asking for fresh client letter

Still hope they are not able to get the fresh client and people who went for stamping earlier still waiting to submit client letter.

And now they are not ready to send any one for stamping, because even if they sent ,we may get same 221g

It’s been form long time we are waiting.

What can I do now. Please any suggest best solution or how to proceed further.

Because it’s getting late and hope it has only three years validity .

Please suggest me what to do next .



Sounds like you are much worried, first relax.

  1. Your employed(who filed your H1B) owns your petition, thus, its up to him/her to send papers required for stamping, you cant demand them.

  2. You can find another employer who can file a new H1 petition under Quota-exemption for a total of 6 years from the date of your first H1 approval.

Sorry for the delay in responding. Your employer is right in putting a hold on sending you for stamping… the pattern of issuing a 221g might continue with you too if the new client letter is not produced because the consul officer can see data on their screen regarding other applicants and same employer and their previous decision. Continue to push for new letter and wait. I agree with Immigeek, your situation is a good one at present.

Thanks for your time and suggestions…

Thanks for your reply and time…