Client work location change during rfe.

Hi,Please respond if anyone came across the below scenario.

My employer filed h1b extension 3 months back for me where I mentioned Client work site as A.

My petition went to RFE and USCIS has asked supporting documents such as Contract, Client Letter, SOW etc.

During this process client moved to some other work site B which is around 0.9 mile away from the work site A.

I got all the documents but the issue is with the Client letter. Client provided a letter with the new address and may not be possible to give a letter with the old address.Also supporting documents are having old address

Can I go ahead and submit the client letter with new address as part of the RFE response?

What are the chances of approval of RFE :frowning: ?

Thanks in advance

I am also facing the same did you process your Rfe response in the client worksite address change?
Please let me know .That will help.