Client name and location differs in ds160 and petition

I have applied for l1b individual, and my petition got approved. My petition has details of one client which has been approved. Now in ds160 I have updated another client name and address to which I am going to travel.

My clarification is do I need to talk about my petition client details or ds160 form details. Since client location and client name differs in both. May be VO thinks DS160 client details were not present in petition.
Can some one throw any clarification on this ???

So you are going to a location different from the one for which petition was originally filed, correct?

Did you talk to your attorney or imitation team about this? They should have told you the new LCA and H1 amendment is required in this case.

LCA is required for H1b right… I am on L1b Individual. So any other suggestion for me?

My mistake that I overlooked the fact that you are on L-1. Usually L-1 is independent of the client/location; and so it should be fine. You should also talk to your immigration team before the stamping.

I got the same reply, just wanted check here and get any other information.
Thanks for your time in replying back to me.