Client location is different and working location different in petition

Hi Guys,

My Client is at X location and I will be working at Y location and my petition is also of Y location.

Is there any issue if client is at different location(X) and petition filed for Y location and working location would also be Y.

Also, what would be the ideal answer for question if they ask what’s the use if you are travelling at different location and client sits at different location.



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Can admin answer this pls.

Can anyone answer above query please?

As per law if there is a change in the primary work location you have to file a new LCA for the new location and file for an H1 amendmend.

I have seen companies sending people without this and preparing the candidates to answer the border questions based on the petition ( the itenary also would be designed to support what is there in the petition ) and once there file a new lca and then file for amendment

Luckily the vo didn’t ask me this question and my visa got approved .

Below questions vo asked me.
Which city travelling? Annual salary? Client name? Married or not? Highest degree? Wife travelling along or not? Why she is not travelling ?

Hi, thanks for this update.
Now my question is, My client (X) location is A and I will be based out at location B as Location B is mentioned in my petition for different client (Y). Will there be any problem at POE ?
Once I reach at Location B, after some time I will file amendment for Location A for client X.