Client changed during the wait of 221g process.

Hi Saurabh,

I work for one of the “Big 5 consultancy firm” in India and my H1B transfer is applied under BEP section.Earlier I was working with US company as there full time employee. It’s been 14 months and my case is still under Admin Process. I would like to seek your advice on the following :

I went for my H1B interview in May, 17th  2012, that time "Client A" was mentioned in the H1B documents with project date starting from May 2012 to April 2013 and the contract got over in January 2013. Now I am working for the "client B" from India. Do we need to update about this information to consulate ? Will I still get the visa as Client has changed ?
After H1B interview , consulate has asked Invitation letter, updated CV and list of questionnaire . I have provided our company director letter from US. Will that work or we need a client letter ?

FYI : This is second 221g for me . I got first 221g in the June 2011 during H1B renew process and got my H1B stamped in December 2011 but I didn’t travelled to US instead I joined one of the “Big 5 consultancy firm” in India. I have a common muslim name.

Please give me your point of view on my above queries ,

Kind Regards,


You should take your immigration team’s advice on this, but here is my take. The old H-1 seems to be going nowhere. So you can have another cap-exempt petition filed through current employer w/ the new client and then re-appear for stamping. Best case scenario - it gets approved. Worst case scenario - it meets same fate (221g). But no disadvantage in at least trying.

Discuss w/ your attorney about this.