Client changed applying h1 amendment ,impact on h4 ead?

Hi all ,

I moved from client A in new York to client B in Michigan, my employer is doing LCA and H1 questions are

  1. do I need to reapply h4 and h4 EAD .my wife is working based on h4 EAD

  2. if my new h1 after amendment is given for lesser duration then my wifes existing H4 EAD ,do I have to apply H4 /h4 EAD agin with my h1 extension

Please let me know .thanks in advance

  1. Not needed. She can continue to use previously approved H-4 and EAD until its validity dates

  2. Her H-4 and EAD will remain valid for a longer duration. However, H-4 derives its status from H-1’s status. So if you have to leave US at the end of your H-1 (assuming no extension/transfer is filed), then she will have to leave as well even though her I-94 and EAD are still valid.

Thank you saurabh , one more question last year November 2015 I filed my H1 B visa extension because my H1 was expiring Dec 2015 ,but my wife’s H4 and h4 EAD was valid till Dec 2016 . the attorney asked me to apply H4 and H4 EAD again with H1 extension though they were valid by arguying that everything related to H1 B expires with it whenever you apply extension to H1 B you have to reapply H4 and H4 EAD …do you think that was required ? Are you a attorneys …I am sorry …I just wanna double check before I go office tomorrow and fight with my attorney for fooling me …thanks again for replying and helping me

I am NOT an attorney.

H-4 extension along w/ H-1 transfer is not required but lot of companies do that so that H-4 dates are in sync w/ H-1 dates.

If the employer is paying for this, then let them pay for it and process it.

Hi Saurabh , thanks Again , it make sense now . and yes for H4 and H4 EAD I have to pay from my pocket , that means around 1500 $ wasted …anyways …Thanks you so much again !