Client change post petition filed within same organization

I am working with a reputated MNC in india at the time of filling of my petition i was working with X client and post petition the X project ramped down, currently i’m working for Y client within the same organization, i got an RFE USIC asking for US Managers letter that will be provided by my immigration team for the Y project.

Do i need to take the Client letter from both the client X and Y at the time of stamping?

Please let me know what are the other docs if necessary i will be requiring from my previous client.

The right thing would be for your employer to file new LCA followed by H-1 amendment for Y’s location and project and then appear for stamping using Y’s documents. If your petition is approved for X and you carry Y’s documents, then you can run into 221g issued. You should not carry X’s documents as that project has been ramped down and if consulate decides to do check w/ X, you may be in trouble.

Thanks for the update, my petition is in RFE stage its not approved for X client/project, so now I can ask the immigration team to submit the new LCA and the client letter for the new client Y.

What was the RFE about? Talk to your attorney if they want to make the change or not. If the RFE was not related to client/project, then they may decide not to make the change.

Hi Saurabh, sorry for the late response, my organization is not ready to share the RFE details with me as they said nothing from my side educational/work ex is required. To avoid the new LCA for client Y’s I asked my manager to provide me the Y client info for the same location as it was of X, means the location remains the same only client change. Please let me know your reviews on this approach.

If Y is located at same location (city), then it is fine. Otherwise it will be intentional submission of false documents and can run into issues if USCIS decides to verify w/ the client.

Its approved now thnx.