Client change before petition approved. But still both clients are part of my employer

Hi All,

I heard from my employer that My application has been picked in Cap lottery. My h1b petition is filed when I was working for client A, Now I am working for client B but same employer/company. Both client A and client B are still clients for my employer. Only thing is I am working for client B. Is there any issue for my petition approval in this case.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Are they at the same location or different? If different then this could run into issues as change of location => new LCA, which is not possible while the petition is still pending. This issue will surface only if USCIS issues RFE related to the project.

Current client has offices in many states in US. they have one office at the same location where my previous client was there.

That would be the preferred option as then there would be at least no LCA change and they can submit new client letter for that location (if RFE is issued for the same).