Clearance received on passport visa page

Hi there,

I have a quick question regarding “Clearance received on H1B visa passport page”. I was trying to schedule H1B visa appointment and in the CGI there is a question about " Was your prior H1B Visa ( temporary occupation , temporary worker or trainee ) annotated “ Clearance Received ” or “Department Authorization”?. I had Clearance received once on my first H1B stamping in 2015, then on my second H1B stamping in 2018, I did not have any annotation as clearance received. So, I selected “No” for the above question as my prior visa did not have any clearance received. So It gave me VAC (dropbox) option. Did I select the right option? or should it be YES for clearance received.
Please advice. Can I go back and change VAC to in-person? I am totally confused here.


I think you rightly selected the ‘no’ as your last visa did not had any annotation. You can consult your immigration lawyer to double check.