Clarification for EB1 gree card filing

Hi - My company will shortly start processing my Green Card. I have a two question that I would like to clarify.1.regarding Birth certificate for myself and my wife. I am currently in US and it is too exhaustive to go to India to get our Birth certificates. I there any alternative for Birth Certificate, like affidevit or anything that might work, in case of non-availability of birth certificate.2. My Graduation degree was lost many years ago and throughout I have used the affidevit that i submitted to my company regarding the same and the same was considered even when i got L1A visa and extension also recently. Can the same affidevit be considered for GC processing as well.I am currently on L1A and a Director level with teams that I am leading and managing from supervison standpoint and most likely my company will apply for my GC under EB1 category.Appreciate some clarification on above points please.

  1. You can get affidavits from 2 people stating that they were present when you were born. Parents, grand parents can provide this.

  2. Worth a try. Your attorney can confirm.