Choice of College I am having real probelms Arghhh

Just wanted to say that I am having real problems finding which Universities are best for bio eng courses. I can get the rankings but how do i find rankings by subject? I have been using sites like and they have been great helping me with my essay but is there a site out there that can help with college choice. Thanks

Well, it can be frustrating to find colleges that are right for you. One way to look at them is, if you know the field of interest and professors who are active in such areas, you can search schools based on research talent. You can look for papers in that area and see where the best research papers are published, may not be accurate, but gives you a perspective. Also, there are some paid ranking sites like USNews, etc that can be helpful.

Ideally, if you can get connected to someone in that area pursuing MS in US, then it would be best…