Checklist for once you leave USA


I have a reverse question. I recently left USA. I was there on H1b for a number of years. Now, I still have a bank account open there and also some investment accounts. I need a checklist of things I should take care so as not to screw up my possibitly of going back, and all in all just make sure that I am doing everything legal!

What type of taxes do i file in USA since I have some bank accounts / investment accounts there. I also have some stock options, that have not been vested. I know this is more tax related things, but I think that would be my first priority of things to take care of.

Thanks, I hope someone can give me some good advice on this.

If you have earned anything from your investments in USA for 2012 you need to file tax. Consult tax agents like turbotax or Hand R, through phone or online they will help you out.