Chartered Accountant - Eligible for H1B Visa


I am a qualified chartered accountant from ICAI with 5 years of experience of which 3.2 years into SAP and I am not holding any other additional bachelor’s degree other than CA with some issues.

So, my concern is,
Is my professional educational qualification alone eligible for treating as 4 years of bachelor’s degree for H1b Process?

Need your advice urgently.

Many thanks !!


Please check Is CA Eligible for H1B Visa

Hi Kumar,

Thanks for the update and i have already gone through the provided link.

It provides me the information like, Yes, with only CA can apply.

I am in need of supporting document so that i can escalate the same in my Organisation to proceed further as they are denying for the same.

Can you or any one please help me on this.

Thanks and Regards