Charged for driving on expired license and its impact on H1B

After completing my graduation (F1visa), I had to wait for 60 days to get my OPT card. DMV refused to renew my license without EAD card and I was stopped by the cops for not possessing the valid DL. They gave me a pink slip with a 30 days time for renewing the license. I got the license renewed and dont have to pay any fines etc. but this comes up in my record. I will be applying for H1 this year, will this create a problem? How can I get it removed given that I have moved to a different state now.

It should not create any problem. Its more like a fine simmilar to a speeding ticket. And as far as I know you can not get this removed even if you move to some other state, it would always come up in your driving history much like the speeding tickets again.