Changing status from H4 to F1 in canada

Hi, I am on H4 visa which is expiring on May1st 2019. I am planning to go to Canada in mid of April for F1 visa stamping for Fall semester which begins in sept.
I have following questions:

  1. If my F1 visa approves, can I enter to USA on B2 visa, since I can come on F1 30 days prior to the semester start.
  2. If my F1 gets rejected, can I enter with H4 visa?


I will try to answer your question partially.

  1. You are currently on H4 visa.
  2. You are planning to go for F1 visa in Canada.
  3. You are checking if F1 is rejected, you may try for B2 visa.


  1. (please double check before) . Its my understanding that one can get the stamping done in a country which is not their home country, if the visa is in an extension in the same class for the same employer. If not, the OTHER country(in your case Canada) consulate may ask you to go to your home country, please verify this fact first.
  2. You can always get your H4 visa as long as your spouse/parent had a valid H1 visa.
  3. I am really not sure if you can get a B2 visa so quickly(in Canada).

Thank you for response @ImmiGeek . I already have B2 visa, can i come back on that visa in both the cases.

  1. If F1 gets rejected and they revoke my H4 aswell.
  2. If i get F1, but i cannot enter on F1 visa 30days prior to semester start date which is in Sept. So i is it fone if i can come back on B2 ?

For both the cases, you can use B2 to enter into US.
But be careful, B2 is a very sensitive visa. If the officer at the port of entry senses your various alternative attempts (of F and H), they may ask you many questions.

On the other hand, as long as your spouse’s H1 is valid, there is no reason to revoke your H4 visa in normal conditions.

Hello TIA,

Can you share your interview experience.


lHi ,I am an Indian citizen and I have a valid H4 visa . I wish to apply for a F1 visa in march from Canada . If my F1 gets denied for any reasons , can I still enter USA on H4 visa ? Or do I apply for a new H4 again, if so can i do it from Canada or I should do it from India?

If your currently stamped H4 Visa is still not expired and valid, you can enter back into US using that visa. But make sure that all of the H1 visa holder(your spouse/parent) documents are with you while entering back(things like his current H1 Notice pof Approval copy, employment letter, latest pay stubs etc…) just in case if the officer at Point of entry at US border. Good luck.

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Kindly advice and suggest on my question.
I’m currently on H4 and planning to go to Canada for F1 stamping. It’s my first masters. Heard from people saying only second masters are eligible for stamping in Canada. I’m completely confused here.
Kindly advice. If anyone here went for stamping, please share your experience.