Changing status from H1B to F2 ,using online filing of I 539

Curently I am on H1B working with empolyer and it is expiring in May 2014 . My husband is a student on F1 visa,so we are applying change of status for me from H1b to f2 . We are using online filing (USCIS ELIS) of I539 and have couple of questions regarding it :

  1. As per the form they need primary applicant(mine) I-20 but do I need to provide by husband’s(Currently on F1 visa) I-20 also ,as it doest specify it .

  2. It doesnt specify providing any documents related to financial support .Do I need to provide that and if yes ,how can i do that .

As I am planning to file soon , request to please respond to my queries.

I don’think any document other than your husband’s I-20 is needed, please check this with his school’s DSO. Financial details are not needed for an F-2. May I ask why F-2? Why not a J-1 that allows you to continue working?

Best wishes

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