Changing start day of H1B employment - Oct 1st

Hello! My future employer asked if I can start my work on October 7th instead of the date in the petition - October 1st. Would that be a violation of my visa terms or not? I appreciate any help! Thanks, Olga.

Well, if you applied for COS, technically you are on H1B status from October 1st. You need to be employed from October 1st. If your employer cannot have to join on first, you could exit the country for short trip and come back on October 7th and join them.

Thank you, Kumar! I applied for visa, not COS and will fly to US on October 1st. Will that change something?

Then, it should be fine. You can enter US up to 10 days before the start date. Read When can you enter US on H1B, Stamping . My suggestion is to get an offer letter from your employer that indicates your start date as October 7th, so that you have that covered.