Changing Project & LCA Details during H1B Visa Stamping


My H1B petition for 2013 got approved on May 18 2012(Normal filing). I am going for visa stamping in July 2nd week and I have the following questions.

Question 1:

My petition got approved for Project A for location NewJersey. Now my employer is asking me to change the Project to B for location NewYork during stamping. As per my understanding since the distance between two locations is less than 50miles no need to change the LCA. is it correct?

Question 2:

Since the project details mentioned in petition is different than what is been mentioned during stamping, will it cause any problems in VISA stamping or will it cause for rejection or 221G?



  1. As they are in different cities (and states), new LCA and H-1 amendment is required

  2. If you go for new LCA and H-1 amendment, there should be less chance of 221g getting issued for this reason. It can still be issued for some other reason