Changing last name - Will there be problems in F1 visa?

Hi all,

I want to change my name in passport before applying for F1 visa. I have given GRE with the name Ashok Kumar and applied to universities with same name. Now, I want to change my name to Ashok Khanna. I want to know whether this will have complications in F1 Visa? And how to avoid it?

Appreciate your help


I’m not entirely sure I understand your case. You can apply for GRE only with the name mentioned in your passport. On the day of the exam, they’ll cross check the name against your passport, and you’ll not be allowed to write the exam if there’s any discrepancy. You’ll also have to use the name in your passport when you apply to universities – if you get admitted, they’ll use this name when issuing you immigration documents (e.g., I-20).