Changing job within 2 months of new H1b. What should be the impact?


I am in H1B with my current employer. I have company A’s offer and they have filed for my H1 transfer, but they are not good with green card (in future). Parallelly I am being interviewed by company B who will start my GC immediately if I am selected. But since company B process started late, their offer might materialized after a month or so after I have joined company A and since I am not sure whether company B will give me the offer or not, I cannot take the risk to turn down the offer of company A. In case company B offer materializes after 1-2 months of service with company A, is it OK to resign company A and join company B? Company A is mid sized.

What legal bindings can come in the process, that my jeopardise my situation?

Will this have any future impact in my H1B stamping/GC process? If yes then what kind of approach should I take?

This is the exact question even I have… Looking forward to Saurabh and team sharing their view.

Can anybody please help? I have resigned from my previous company and now I am under company A’s payrole for 4th week. Everything with Company B might materialize in 1-2 weeks more. Would it be OK to join company B and leave company A after such a short stint?

I do not have any bond or bindings with Company A. What can be the different legal scenarios if I swicth company in such a short stint in H1b?

How did you sort out this scenario ? I am in the same situation now. I am working with employer A. Got an offer with employer B and H1B approved for employer B. I am planning to join employer B by next week. However there is a change for another offer with employer C. Can I apply new H1B with employer C if I get that offer after joining with employer B. How many play slips are required from employer B. If I apply for new H1 with employer C, can we use pay slips from both employer A and B. Is that Ok if I resign employer B after joining 3-4 weeks.