Changing H1-B COS to Consular Processing during REF stage


I have major problem not able to take the right decision on H1-B.

Currently I’m working with a company “A” in US with L1-A and I got a offer from Company “B” and they agreed to file H1-B in 2015. during my initial conversion I told Company “B” to file with H1-B in consular processing so that I can join the Company “B” after some time. But Company “B” did a mistake while filling they filled my H1-B with COS ( change of Status ) in 2015. Now my papers has selected in Lottery and I got the RFE now before replying to RFE I ask the company “B” have they applied my H1-B filling with COS from L1-A to H1-B or consular processing. Company “B” has replied saying they have applied with COS(change of status) which means I have to join the Company “B” on 1st oct 2015.

my question is

  1. During the REF process can we change the H1-B Filling Status from Change of Status (from L1-A to H1-B) to Consular processing?

  2. Is there an option to make it from COS to consular processing once it has been filed for COS? Amendment from COS to Consular processing.

  3. Can the COS application be delayed or made dormant for few months and picked up later on?

  4. What is the document that we need to submit to change the status from COS to consular processing.

  5. Is there any such cases has revolved before and what is the success rate that the change of status (from COS to Consular Processing) will happen while approving the H1-B.

  6. While replying to REF when we raise the request for consular processing, USCIS still select the new filling status (Consular Processing) or the initial filling status (Change of Status for L1-A to H1-B).

Request you help at the earliest as company “B” is asking me to submit REF document.

Thanks & Regards