Changing between parent and subsidiaries with L1B Visa

Hello All,I am currently working for/with COMPANY “X” in USA on L1B Visa (Intra Company Transfer). My company is completely owned by COMPANY “Y” which is also in USA. I would like to know if I can join COMPANY “Y” without applying for a new visa. In other words, Can I work for my Parent company (COMPANY “Y”) with my current L1B Visa?Please advise.Thank you for your response in advance!Regards

It is ok to not file any new visa through the other company in case of M&A.

Thank you Saurabh for your response. My company has been fully owned by Company Y even before I got my visa while I was in India. My company was not acquired while I am in USA on L1B. Neither my visa stamp nor i797 has the name of company Y in them. So I need to know if I can join company Y without reapplying for a new visa.

It would be better to ask your X or Y attorney who can understand the ownership structure and then confirm whether a new visa is required or not.

Here is the irony. If you consider X and Y as separate and deduce that you cannot become Y’s employee automatically and they need a visa for you. Requirement for L-1 is that you should have worked for them for at least 1 year outside US. You satisfy that requirement only if you show that Y is the parent of X and really the same entity, which goes against the original assumption that they are not same. It’s a catch 22 situation from that angle.

Thank you Saurabh. This is helpful. I will take it up with the attorney on this issue.