Changed my name and applying for H1B

Hi Experts,
My organisation is nominating me for H1B for which I have to submit my all documents. Now my query is, I have changed my name after my post-graduation which was earlier Aman Kumar and changed to Aman Kumar Monga. I had suffixed my surname while applying for passport. Now all my academic certificates and my first offer/experience letter from my very first employer have “Aman Kumar” and after that all my certificate are with name “Aman Kumar Monga”, including my passport. Could you please suggest me what should I keep ready in documents or any tips you want to suggest me?
Did I need affidevit or newspaper where I have changed my name or anything else?

Your reply could be very precious to me.


Aman Kumar Monga


Usually the documents ask if you have ever been known w/ any other name. There you can mention your old name. I don’t think newspaper clippings and affidavits are required.