Change Of work address while H1B is pending decision


I am on H1B Visa . valid until 30th june 2017( 6 years completion) , My I140 was approved on 1st Feb 2017. Hence my company has filed my H1B extension based on my I140 ( waiting for decision) . However due to some personal reason i have to change my work location by 15th April 2017 ( No change in my employer , client , job title and job responsibilities . Only Change is work location) . My question is since my H1B is not yet approved -

  1. it is possible to raise another request for Change of work address(with new address) with the existing H1B that is pending decision with old work address ?

  2. Will that be only LCA Change on H1B extension that is already filed or amendment ?

  3. What will be the impact on H1B extension process due to work location change ?

  4. Once the LCA is raised and submitted to uscis can i start working from new location even though my H1B extension is pending decision ?

your response will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Yes

  2. As the current I-94 has not expired, it may be a good idea to just abandon the current extension petition and file a new one all together.

  3. See (2)

  4. Yes, you can work at new location once this new amendment/extension has been applied.