Change of US consulate for visa interview

Hi Saurabh - I had mentioned the US consulate in Hyderabad as the location where i would appear for the visa interview of my H1-B application. Now, my petition is approved and i am working in the UK.

  1. Could you please let me know the process to change the consulate office now from Hyderabad to London. I did call the London consulate they confirmed that i can appear for a visa interview there.

  2. Also, how long does this process to change the consulate office generally take?

  3. And, do we have to do something special so my ‘documents’ reach the London consulate. I ask this because i remember reading somewhere that an applicant was issued 221-G supposedly because his documents did not reach the Nebraska center (or somewhere else) on time.

Thanks in advance.

  1. Yes, you can go there. No change in consulate form needs to be filed. But check w/ your US H-1 attorney as well.

  2. Just appear for stamping in UK

  3. That is PIMS. That’s a central system for all approved petitions and consulate look up the information in that system before approving the visa stamp. How long ago was this 221g experience? It happened a lot when it was first introduced few years ago, but off late it hasn’t caused delays.

Thanks for the response. I am not really sure about the time of this 221 G experience. I read it in a blog that i don’t remember now but i will let you know if i can find it again.