Change of Status on B1 to H1, impact on H4 stamping?


Hi I am currently in states on B1 visa. My company is asking me to get my status changed from B1 to H1 (once My H1 will be approved). This way I would get my status change from B1 to H1 but wouldn't have my passport stamped with H1, as I would be here in States, only. 

I am having a family and would like to bring my family (my wife and child ) here. For that they would be applying for H4. Would they face any issue in H4 stamping as my H1 still need to be stamped?

Please help me to know... I need to aware about how this system work. before I take a decision that I can't retrieve.

Is there any problem with my Question? There have been so many days but no response… I am new to this form. Please let me know… if there is some prob?

Hi Amit,

Did you ultimately go for the COS? Did you Travel outside US and enter after that?