Change of Status H4 to F1


I have applied for Change of Status from my wife from H4 to F1. As financial proofs I have submitted my bank statement, loan documents (India Bank) and one of my cousins bank statement as another sponsor. My Cousin (second sponsor) has gone for vacation to India. He current passport has expired and he has applied for new Passport and then he needs to get VISA stamped. I94 of my cousin which we submitted with Application is no more valid as he has travelled. He is currently working from home for his Employer.

Will this is any way affect COS Processing?

COS is a slow process that may take months to get approved at times. I don’t think your cousin’s vacation, should cause any issue. Just be patient, you will have it approved.

Thanks a lot for Answer. As of now CSC has processing timelines of 2.5 months. I applied on 18 Nov. 1 Month is done. I am hoping to get Change of Status Approved as soon as possible.

Hello Raman,

CSC is processing as of now 2 Dec cases and mine was applied on 18 Nov. Its was passed my filling date but no response from USCIS. What is the maximum delay that could occur for COS? Is it better idea to wait for few more months and try to get VISA stamped by going to india, Instead of waiting for COS to be approved in USA?