Change of status : H4 to F1 while H4 approval is pending

I am in a company A and got offer from company B. Company B filed my H1 Transfer and waiting for the approval. Company B also filed H4 for my spouse. My spouse have completed the biometric and waiting for approval. Now, I am planning to update the status to F1 from H4 and also planning to book interview slot for F1. Can my spouse go for F1 stamping while the H4 extension is still in process?

Anyone had the same situation and got passed through this please advice. Thank you.

Yes but once your spouse leave the country the H4 extension application will be deemed abandoned and will be denied. Any specific reason why your spouse want ro switch to F1? You can still study on H4 and work woth H4 EAD.

Thank you for your response.
She can study on H4 but cannot work on H4 as she needs H4 EAD to work. So in order to apply for CPT she needs F1.

So is it advisable to atleast get the H4 approval first and than go for stamping ?

Ok so based on your answer I assume the you do not have approved I-140 so your spouse do not qualify for H4 EAD.

Not really, it doesn’t make any difference as such. Make sure the VO doesn’t get a feeling that she wants to enroll in a colleges so that she can work on CPT.

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