Change of Status H4-F1-H1 or H4-H1?


I am on H4 status want to apply for H1 in April 2013.But as a back up I do a Change of status(COS) to F1.

Suppose I apply today for Change of status from H4 to F1, as COS takes 4 months(NY) and also  I find someone to sponsor my H1b in April 2013. What will happen if:

1. F1 gets approved in/after April 2013 and I again do COS from F1 to H1?

2. F1 status is pending and I found employer who will sponsor for H1 in April 2013?

3.Shall I change my status from H4 to F1 now or should I enroll as on H4 status and search for employer who sponsor me H1 in April 2013, and if H1 is denied then apply for COS to F1?


Please Advise.

You will one COS now from H-4 to F-1, and another one along w/ your H-1 petition in April from H-4 to H-1 (or F-1 to H-1 if F-1 COS gets approved by that time).

  1. You will remain on F-1 status until Oct 1 or H-1 COS approval date (whichever is later). If H-1 COS is denied, then you will continue to remain on F-1 status

  2. You can file H-1 petition w/ H-4 to H-1 COS.

  3. When is your school starting? You can talk to them about enrolling on H-4 now, and maybe changing to F-1 in future. Personally, I prefer studying on H-4 until you have clarity on your H-1. I assume your preferance is to work and you will leave your school once H-1 gets approved. So why spend more money on international fees when you can study on H-4.