Change of Status from L2 to F1

Currently my wife is working on L2 and has valid EAD till 2015, but her H1 got denied and my H1 got approved. So instead of going to H4 we are thinking for COS to F1.

She can take admission to college based on L2. Once the change of status is approved she can get CPT in 1-2 weeks and she can work after that.

[b]My question is whether she can continue to work on L2 - EAD while her change of status to F1 is in progress ?[/b]

Once chagne of status is approved she can get CPT and can continue working on CPT after that.

Please let me know.

it all depends on your current status. Is it L1 or H1?

If your current status is L1 than she can work else she cannot.

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why are you endangering your career in US. I have seen people getting banned for 10 years.

Currently We are L1 and L2. Both of us filled H1 this year.

If it is filed with Change of status (COS) your h1’s will be starting from 1st Oct 2013 till then you are on L1 and need to work for current employer and your wife can also work till then. then she will be on either h4 or f1…

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Currently COS filed for her is L2-H1 but H1 got denied. so we are yeto to file another COS for her. Thinking it can be L2-F1 and till the time its in progress she can work on L2-EAD.

She can work on L-2 only until your status doesn’t change to H-1. If your H-1 is supposed to go into effect from Oct 1 (which would be the case if your H-1 is approved w/ COS), then she should stop working on L-2 from Oct 1. Do not work on L-2 beyond that.