Change of status from L1 to H4

Hello, currently I am having valid L1 visa but as if now I am on ML and planning to visit my husband who is in usa with H1 b and for that I am planning to apply for H4 visa as i am on leave . My query is

  1. if I apply for H4 and go for leave will my L1 visa be impacted
  2. once my leaves are over and I rejoin can i utilise my L1 visa ? Switching from H4 to L1 visa? As I will be in us at that time
    Please let me know above queries

Your L1 visa may get CWOP if H4 visa is approved.

You can apply for change of status from H4 to L1.

If L1marked as cwop , will I be eligible for change from h4 to L1 same earlier visa or entirely new L1 visa has to be raised?

Can we change status while visa is marked as cwop? H4 to L1?Will the petition still valid if want to renew L1 or entire process has to be done again?

Yes. COS has no relationship to the visa.