Change of Status from H4 to F1, Location, Delay?

Hi All,
Currently I am on H4 visa (approved in January 2020) which is valid till Sep 2022. I wanted to pursue Masters and later on apply for OPT to work. Earlier I was planning to go to Canada for applying the F1 visa, However looking at the current situation that seems very uncertain to travel outside US due to virus.

  1. If Change of Status i-539 is applied online and it gets rejected, do i have to leave the country immediately?
  2. Is it advisable to apply for COS in current situation?
  3. As the university term is going to start in June and the university is at different location from my current residency, will it be problem or cause of RFE?
  4. Is there possible chance that USCIS will see it as problem that status is being changed from H4 to F1 within 6 months ( 90 days would have passed before applying)?

I will really appreciate your response in this case.

Thank You for helping out.

  1. Well, as you are on H4, you will continue to be on H4. Only the COS is denied.
  2. It is up to your discretion, hard to say…each has pros and cons…Gives you independence to complete education for sure…but there are many SEVIS related changes with the COVID-19, check with DSO.
  3. It should NOT…For residency requirements like in-state…
  4. No, it is fine. As long as you are maintaining status, it should be fine.