Change of Status from H1 to B

It’s been 3.5 months now, staying in US on H1 visa. Couldn’t get any project during this hard time and my employer is now asking me to leave US and go back to my home country. Even payroll is not run and no wages are paid since I’m not assigned to any project. How to come out of this tough situation? FYI - I have valid Business visa too.
Will it be a good choice now to change the status to B1/B2 and change it back to H1B later?
Thanks in advance for the response(s).

Being in the US on H1B and not paid from day 1 is a violation of H1B regulations so your employer is at fault. Project or no project, they can’t keep you on bench and not pay.
I would recommend leaving the country rather than changing to B2 as this may complicate your transition back to H1B due to no proof of paystubs.