Change of Status From B2 to F2

Reaching out to you guys regarding Change of status for my girlfriend is in USA on B2 visa. Her I-94 will expire in May. I am currently on F1 visa OPT. We are planning to get married this month. I want to her to change her Visa status to F2. My questions are:

  1. Should she change her status in USA?

  2. How long does take to process that?

  3. Will it affect her entry to USA next time she goes back?

    Thank you in advance. Looking forward for your reply.


I just stumbled upon your post as I find myself in the exact same situation now. What did the result of your spouse turn out to be? Did she file for a change of status to F2 from within the US, or did she go back to her home country to get a F2 visa?

Hope everything turned out well for you two.

Hi Galib,

I filed change of status for my wife. She successfully turned into F2 after B2. We were married for three months before the filing. It seems that if you two marriage after coming to US or marry each other in US but have been a while before filing the change of status. It is reasonable for your spouse to stay in US.

I hope you two can be together in US without separation.

Yes she can do it. Its called Change of Status.