Change of status from B2/B1 to F2

Hi everyone,

I am currently on my STEM OPT which expires in June 2021. My girlfriend came to visit me on B2 visa and I would love her to stay with me in US till then. I have been told that she could apply for a change of status to F-2 as long as we were married and if my college provided F-2 I-20. My salary would easily cover our stay financially.

Does anyone know if this procedure can be successful? Will we need to file for a B2 extension to “bridge the gap” of being out of B2 status while COS application is pending?

Please help me as I can’t find any answers online.

Well, it is hard to say…I suggest you check with the DSO on this as they are the ones who can suggest you…
Unless there is a valid medical reason, B2 Extension can be a very risky thing…if it gets denied, then you may not able to use your B2 visa that is in your passport, if you end up staying longer than 6 months Check below and link …discuss with an attorney…

Thank you for your response Kumar. I have consulted with an immigration lawyer and he suggested that there is no reason to apply for the extension of B2 status while COS from B2 to F2 is pending. Do you know if the COS from B2 and F2 can be successful? No violations of B2 status + good salary of F1 holder.

Well, it is hard to say…In general, as long as you are able to provide all the required documents for F2, should be fine…But, there is never a guarantee for anything…Discuss with the DSO on the merits of doing it and risks associated, if any and then act accordingly.