Change of status f2 to f1

Hi, my name is deep, right now am on f2 status in the USA. I received i -20 from a state university in the USA. The university people said the change of status from f2 to f1, it will take 8 to 14 am going to India for f1 visa interview. if it is rejected, will there be any effect on my f2 visa???

please give me good suggestions. thanks in advance.

Well, in general, it should not have any impact. But, sometimes, the Visa officer may cancel the existing visa…again, this may or may not happen, but a possibility.
One option is, if you do not have any plans to travel out of US soon, you could apply for COS and then start your school. If there is any emergency travel and you need to travel, then you go for stamping at that time…Discuss with the DSO at school and make an informed decision.