Change of Status:F2 to F1

Hi Everyone

I got married in Nov 2017 and i was on F1 visa OPT at that time working as FTE for a respectable client. My wife went to a US embassy in India and got F2 in January 2018 and she came to USA in April 2018. Meanwhile my employer filed H1b for me and it got approved in November 2018. I filed for my wife’s COS from F2 to F1 and she enrolled in school as part time student in Aug 2018. USCIS website says case was received and on Dec 6 2018, it was moved to Potomac service center and has been the same since then. I have a couple of questions-

  1. As i moved from F1 to H1b and applied COS before it was changed, what is her status now?

  2. How long can she stay in USA on basis of COS case receipt?

Any help is highly appreciated.

I read that your wife has applied for COS from F2 to F1, so her status would be on F1 and is not dependent on your status anymore.
She can stay within US until the decision is made. Check All about Change of Status in US

Thanks for the information Kumar. Highly appreciate your help on this