Change of Status F2 to F1 Available Funds


My wife entered the US last Dec on an F2 visa. While in US, she applied to a few universities and got admitted to a master’s program. We filed for a change of status from F2 to F1 in June this year using the i20 provided by the school. For the funds, we showed my savings which was 5k more than the 1st year cost mentioned in I20, and provided my salary statements which were about 5 times higher than the first-year school fee.

We should be hearing about the visa decision in a couple of weeks. But now we are a bit afraid that we might have not shown enough available funds. My questions are:

  1. What will be a good amount to show? one year or two years of funding?
  2. Do you think the funds I have shown should be enough?
  3. Can I add additional documents to my online application without changing the application filling date?

Thank you