Change of status Denied (F1 to H4)

Currently doing second master in USA. Last week change of status application denied(F1 to H4) because of two reason. 1. Worked on CPT from first semester during second master–Which offered by university 2.Worked as IT engineer which was not related my first master’‘Health care’’.That I was not aware. 3.Have you ever been refused a U.S. Visa, or been refused admission to the United States, or withdrawn your application for admission at the port of entry? ==> what should I answer yes\NO 4.Do you think my current F1 status is revoked? Do i need to leave from USA ASAP? I checked with University DSO officer my SEVIS is still ACTIVE.In denied notice mentioned that ‘‘This decision may leave you without lawful immigration status.If you are present in the USA in violation of the law.You are required to depart immediately’’ Is it my F1 revoked.5.How many chances to get H4 visa stamped from Mumbai,India? my husband have valid H1B visa till September 2016.

  1. Answer is No. COS was denied and not the visa or PoE immigration

  2. COS denial doesn’t impact your current visa status. That text is a general text and not applicable in your case. Let’s assume your course was about to end, and you move to H-4. If COS was denied then, and your course would have ended then that text applies to you.

  3. They would have access to these denial reasons and it could also run into issues. Have contingency plans.