Change of Status Approved (L1-B to H1-B)

Dear Sir,

I have came to USA on L1-B from Company A and worked for 17 months. Meanwhile I have filled H1-B from outside Company B. Now my H1-B is approved through Company B.

Since I have got H1-B approved, I have given resignation notice to Company A (L1-B). But Company A is now given a counter offer saying that I can work in Company A by transfering H1-B from Company B to Company A.

  1. Actually I have received H1-B approval from Company B, Can I transfer my H1-B to Company A without any payslips from Company B?

  2. But Company B agreement was to give 2 weeks notice period. How I can give a notice period of 2 weeks to Company B before or after transfer of H1-B transfer or LCA update.

3)Do I need to follow the agreement of Company B notice period or not? if I am not giving the notice period and requesting the Company A to transfer H1-B and update LCA what will be the impact to me???

Please help…