Change of Role in I-94 extension will affect payscale?

Hello All,

My I-94 will end on 31 May 2016 and therefore I will have to apply for H1B Extension. Currently I’m in Atlanta, GA location with role defined as “Computer Programmer”. If I change my I-94 role to “Computer System Analyst”, will that change my payscale too? I know that new LCA will be required. As per the website I see the Level-2 wage for Computer Programmer is higher than Computer Analyst

Please advice

Please provide me with the inputs so that I can decide on my H1B role.

LCA mentions the minimum salary requirements. You should talk to employer about the salary adjustments. As long as minimum salary requirements are met, employer can pay you as high as they want.

Thanks for comment. Is there somehow we can know how much is the minimum yearly wage given? If there is a big difference there is no point in changing the H1B role.

I haven’t tried myself but try DOL site. In any case, its best to talk to your employer if the role change involves any salary reduction. If they decide to maintain same salary, then it is ok even if LCA salary goes down.

I did try DOL site but it is very difficult to find out the exact pay (based on location and role). My employer refuse to comment on salary since first the documents and eligibility is reviewed by Attorney.

If you cannot get that information online, it may be better to wait for attorney to review the docs first.

Thanks for the advice. I think i will have to decide on the role before sending the docs to Attorney. Can I refuse the minimum salary once the attorney reviews it and not go for role of change altogether??

That’s something b/w you and your employer. If he really wants you in the new role at a diminished salary, then you can only negotiate.